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 Sometimes It’s Grandmas and Grandpas 
......Not Mommies and Daddies

shares a child’s experience living with and being cared for
by grandparents through the eyes of a cheerful and delightful little girl.


I remember so clearly the day my granddaughter and I were reading a picture book,
and for the first time I realized how puzzling our life together might seem to her.

It was a story about a Mommy and her little bunny looking out the window,
waiting for the Daddy bunny to come home. 
My granddaughter sat for a moment, processing the scene in her own little two-year-old mind,
trying to relate it to her own world. 
She tilted her head, looking up at me, her nose crinkled.
A look of innocent confusion crossed her face.  
I knew the child cuddling in my lap had a valid and valuable story too. 
And that story was nowhere to be found in any of the books in the library or bookstore. 
It was a story that needed to be written,
 and I knew from living in this different kind of family that I could write this different kind of story.
is this story. 


How fortunate for me
that Abbeville Press sought out Mary Haverfield to illustrate. 
Mary's uplifting watercolors were perfect
for giving my words extra warmth and feeling .











2nd in the SOMETIMES series....................SOMETIMES JUST ONE IS JUST RIGHT